Mobius International Festival of Performance Art
Five Nights Performances, Five Days Symposia
November 1-5, 2006

The festival will take place over five nights in the first week of November 2006 in collaboration with the Performance Area at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA). The site for the events would be the gorgeous and uncanny Midway Studios theater in Fort Point. Other venues may also be considered. Anderson Auditorium and the Performance Area at the SMFA will host symposia and artists talks.

The artists for the festival will include 15 members of the Mobius Artists Group, 20 invited artists world-wide, and three “respondents.” The criteria for selection of artists was based primarily on diversity: in age, geography, media, aesthetics, concept, and a balance of gender. We have already received a confirmation of interest from the following invitees:
Adina Bar-On (Israel)
Anti-cool (Japan)
Paul Couillard (Canada)
Jurgen Fritz (Germany)
Jozsef R Juhasz (Slovakia)
Lenka Klodova (Czech Republic)
Milan Kozelka (Czech Republic)
William Pope.L (US)
Kai Lam (Singapore)
Alastair MacLennan (No. Ireland)
Irma Optimist (Finland)
Martin Renteria (Mexico)
Sakiko (Japan)
Helen Sharp (No. Ireland)
Yeh Tzu-chi (Taiwan)
Vassya Vassileva (Bulgaria)
Kiu Xiang-Jie (China?)
Sakiko Yamaoka (Japan)
Liu Ziangjie (China)

A key component of the festival will be the series of symposia and artists talks featuring participating artists, critics, and academics. At the outset of the festival, a panel discussion will be held at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts on the topic of the growing abundance of performance art taking place in an international context, manifested through a wide network of festivals in Central, Eastern, and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, South America and (with fewer in) North America. The writers and academics who have confirmed their interest include Paul Couillard (artist, Curator and Director of FADO Performance Inc., a Canadian artist-run center for performance art based in Toronto), and Vassya Vassileva (artist, lecturer on Visual Semiotics at New Bulgarian University, Sofia). In addition to their presentations and panel discussion, Paul Couillard, Vassya Vassileva and a third as yet unconfirmed scholar will work during the festival as “respondents,” posting their experiences and perspectives of the performances they have seen on a festival website.

Additionally, artists talks will be held on each of the five days preceding the nights of the performances ( Wednesday, November 1st- Sunday, November 5th). All of the activities of the festival will be documented on video, and a digital video disc of the works will be produced after the festival’s conclusion.

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