May 12, 2006, 7:30 pm
Jeff Huckleberry and Vela Phelan will be performing a piece called “Trap” at Seconds, a two night performance art event presented by the Present Tense*. Seconds will happen May 12 + 13 in Midway Theatre at Midway Studios in Fort Point, street address 15 Channel Center Street. Other participants will include Boston artists Sarah Schoeman, Ernest Truley, Bryce Kauffman, Paul Waddell, and Travis McCoy Fuller, plus Alex Sanchez (Florida), Cynthia Norton (Kentucky), and Non-Grata (Estonia).
*The Present Tense is a Boston based performance art initiative that started in 2005. The organizers are Sandra Schaefer and Philip Fryer
——> To get to Midway Studios:
Take the Red Line to South Station and exit to Summer Street. Follow
Summer Street over the channel an take a right onto Melcher Street.
Follow Melcher until the end where it meets A Street. Take a right onto
A Street and follow until Binford Street. Take a left onto Binford
Street and an immediate right onto Channel Center Street. The theatre
is located at 15 Channel Center Street.

Marilyn Arsem has a series of appearances upcoming nationally and internationally:
May 12-13
Là-bas: Peak Performance? festival in the Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland website
May 17-18
Visual Studies Research Cluster performance series, University of California at Santa Cruz
May 20 website
Grasping the Nettle evening of performance produced by recess, at Million Fishes Arts Collective, San Francisco, CA website
May 24-27
Acción!06MAD International Performance Festival, Madrid, Spain website

May 6, 2006, 5-8 pm
Alice Vogler and Dirk Adams performed a durational collaboration called “Building at the end of the world” at TEST 9, which takes place at the abandoned bear cages at Franklin Park (Dorchester).
TEST website

March 24 + 25, 2006
Dirk Adams, Vela Phelan and Alice Vogler performed in Tremor 3 Bogotá, at the Mapa Teatro in Bogotá, Colombia – organized by Temple of Messages, Malcolm Smith, Claudia Salamanca, and Andrés Gaitán. Other participants included NOX (0), Radio Fantasmas, Proyecto Medusa, Travis McCoy Fuller, Hiroko Kikuchi, Fernando Rubio Ahumada, Colectivo Individual Subversivo, Colectivo Rompecabezas, Juan Carol Dávila, Galarreta vs. Leo Leo, and Giovanna Mosquera.
Tremor 3 Bogotá website

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