The 5th in an international performance art series
Wednesday, October 12th 8pm
At the Charlestown Working Theater

Mobius presents Mobilize, an evening of performance art featuring:
Nicola Frangione of Italy
Larry Johnson of the Mobius Artists Group
and local artists Dirk Adams and Jamie Donnelly.
The four artists are connected in their usage of text, as well as their investment in music, poetry and/or spoken work.

Background: The Mobilize series was conceived of as a way for the itinerant Mobius Artists Group to continue presenting the work of its members and other performance artists within Boston. Past Mobilize programs have included Adina Bar On (Israel), Juie Andree T (Canada), Dan McKereghan, Marialuisa Ramirez (Mexico), Tamara Paris and Matt Fontaine, Jamie McMurry as well as Mobius members Mari Novotny-Jones, Jed Speare, and Jeff Huckleberry.

The Artists:
Nicola Frangione was born in Forenza (PZ), Italy, in 1953. He has been living and working in Monza since 1972, as an interdisciplinary artist experimenting with several techniques: visual arts, publishing graphic arts, music and sound poetry, video and theatre production, visual poetry and mail art. As well as being concerned with visual poetry, he is among the main mail artists in Italy. For about 20 years he has been playing a role in developing and spreading this art in Italy, carrying out projects and organizing itinerant exhibitions and workshops. From 1987 to 1995 he directed the publication of the cultural dynamics magazine Harta and managed the multimedia art centre, Osaon, Milan, in tandem with Luigi Bianco. Since 1996 he has been co-ordinating edizioni Harta Performing, concerning Italian performing arts. He relies on his performances and theatre to take part in numerous international shows and festivals. Some of his latest itinerant works include: Percorsi attraverso percorsi, Italic Environments, Allitterazioni Sonore, Rapporti orali e trasversalitˆ sonore.
Larry Johnson has been a member of Mobius Artists Group for 14 years. He creates time-based work concerned with cognition, information, meaning and non-meaning, manifested as high-tech, multimedia performances, web sites or no-tech, spoken pieces. Since 1969, Johnson has taught at Boston Museum School. He has collaborated with fellow Mobius members in a series of text-sound events and has also performed in Mobius’ ongoing sequence of the John Cage Variations.
Dirk Adams’ work is concerned with language, memory, and culture, and frequently investigates current events, popular culture, and politics. Modes of performance – from the theatrical to social roles to authentic interaction – are frequently intertwined in Adams’ work, as is the relationship of artist/performer to audience/participant. He has exhibited sound, performance, and video work in Boston at various venues including Mobius, Boston Center for the Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts, and elsewhere at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, Sound & Noise Festival, Vancouver, BC, and the upcoming Encuentro Internacional de Performance in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Adams earned a Bachelor’s degree in sociology at the University of Colorado – Boulder in 1994 and his Master’s in Fine Arts from Tufts University in 2002.
Jamie Donnelly began with multimedia sculpture and installation, before transitioning into multimedia and vocal performance. In 2001, she participated in Live Girls: Women’s Spoken Word Tour, which extended to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. In ’03 she performed a multimedia piece for the Mobius Gallery’s Student Works show; entitled ‘Baghdad’, the piece explored one women’s fear of nuclear fallout, and the hopelessness of protection. Her most recent installation, entitled ‘Isolation Chamber’, explored a similar theme involving the spread of disease. Currently she is settling into her vocal work, focusing on text performance, as well as singing in the Loose Cannon Chorale and the Churchless Church Choir in Jamaica Plain.

The Charlestown Working Theater was founded on the idea that a theater and a community can engage in a dialogue, which results in creative, artistic expression, an exciting exchange of ideas, and a deeper understanding of the people who make up the community. CWT has maintained this philosophy throughout its history and has remained dedicated to serving the cultural needs of Charlestown and greater Boston.


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