mobius at the Coolidge Corner Theater
October 17, 24, and November 14
Three evening presentations and discussions with Mobius Artists Group members
@ the Coolidge Corner Movie Theater Video Screening Room
290 Harvard St, Brookline, MA

Featuring: Marilyn Arsem, Margaret Bellafiore, Milan Kohout, Mari Novotny-Jones and Larry Johnson
In the midst of the unprovoked, American-lead invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, each artist responds with works of protest and activism: memorializing the dead, challenging the complacency of the public, and meditating on the nature, causes, and consequences of this and other conflicts. Video work, video of performances, and a spoken word piece will all be part of this presentation.

Oct 24: MARILYN ARSEM on Writing Ada
Since Arsem began developing the performance Writing Ada eight years ago, she has been involved in exhaustive research into the Spiritualist movement, her own family genealogy and the lives of women during the 1800’s. Writing Ada is an inquiry into our beliefs concerning death and the afterlife, the willing suspension of disbelief, the connections between performing and channeling, the Internet and spirit manifestations. Marilyn will discuss the development of this work and show video to be used in the project.

Nov 14: MILAN KOHOUT and the Pre-Velvet Revolution Czech Underground
The Czechoslovakian art underground is a rare successful instance of popular, non-violent confrontation with oppressive political power, in which people specifically identifying themselves as artists played a central role. Samples of Czech underground films, which were part of “The Second Culture,” will be shown, in addition to Kohout’s own performance works. The second culture artists’ movement was integral to the successful peaceful “Velvet Revolution” which overthrew the Czechoslovakian government in 1989 and was led by famous artist Vaclav Havel who became the president.


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