The Mobius 8th Annual Cattle-Free Art Auction
an auction to benefit Mobius
Saturday, May 13, 2006
The Atrium at 300 Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts (Fort Point neighborhood)
Light buffet, cash bar and door prizes!

The Mobius Artists Group has held the Cattle-Free Auction in the Fort Point area for eight years running. Featuring fabulous artworks, goods, and services, the Cattle-Free Auction is the perfect place to pick up works by local artists. But don’t forget that “experimental work in all media” part of Mobius—this isn’t Sotheby’s! With a free buffet and cash bar, this auction is decidedly not stuffy. Walk home with an “on-the-spot” portrait, a massage, and a drag performance for your next party, or guest passes to one of several Boston-area art institutions!

Who says Performance Art can’t be bought? At this year’s Mobius Cattle-Free Auction, you have the opportunity to bid on a number of performance pieces from members of the Mobius Artists Group as well as other local artists. Up for sale is “Melody of the Month” by Tom Plsek, trombone explorer extraordinaire. Each month a podcast of a new melody or short piece of solo trombone music will be created and delivered to you via email for up to one year. Auctionpic
Make May the month to carry out one of those New Year’s Resolutions: better yourself and sharpen your skills with one of the lessons available. Alisia L.L. Waller, a poly-talented performer, offers her services as dance instructor, staged fight choreographer, and drag performer. Or you can spend a Saturday making bread from start to finish in a one-on-one bread-making lesson from Helen Pfann—enjoying Ms. Pfann’s fine company amidst this day-long process.

For those looking to make a more solid investment, this year’s auction boasts paintings, drawings, and sculpture by a host of fine artists from the Boston-area. Sculpture by Milan Klic and Lewis Gesner is available, as are ink drawings by Dirk Adams; a mixed media piece from Margaret Bellafiore; and watercolors by Ruth Feldman and Sandy Huckleberry.

Calle_S_Bregman.jpgAnd finally, straddling the chasm between ephemerality and permanence, dozens of photographs are available this year: find prints by Judith Daniels and Donna Coveney; a framed Polaroid transfer print by Margaret Bellafiore, or black and white images by Vela Phelan and Jean Sousa. Additionally, with digital prints by Susan Bregman and performance documentation by Bob Raymond on hand, the Cattle-Free Auction has something for every photographic taste.

But wait, there’s more: we’ve even got a timeshare! Bid on a week-long stay at a summer house in a small village in the Czech Republic (comes with a bicycle!). Perfect for a relaxing vacation and just a short train ride from Prague to boot!

Come on down, have a glass of wine, peruse, schmooze, and accrue some fantastic artwork! All proceeds to benefit the Mobius Artists Group, Boston’s longest-enduring alternative arts organization.

Works by the following artists available at the auction:
Dirk Adams, Margaret Bellafiore, Susan Bregman, Cree Bruins, Donna Coveney, Judith Daniels, Ruth Feldman, Rachel Gepner, Lewis Gesner, Sandy Huckleberry, Milan Klic, Milan Kohout, Anneka Lenssen, Helen Pfann, Vela Phelan, Tom Plsek, Phoebe Potts, Bob Raymond, Slavco Sokolovski, Jean Sousa, Alice Vogler, Alisia Waller, others TBA

The Mobius Cattle-Free Auction is sponsored by the Harpoon Brewery, Whole Foods, and the Middle East.

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