Saturday, November 19, 2005, 8 pm – 1 am
Mobius’ Legendary Annual Art Party (and fundraiser)
drawing wall
Mobius first began hosting ArtRages over 17 years ago. Conceived as a blow-out art party showcasing the work of the Mobius Artists Group and other talented local experimental artists, and with music by local bands, ArtRages has become a feature on the benefit scene, the performance art circuit, and a great place to catch current and up and coming local stars. The party is also a crucial fund-raiser for us.

Dirk Adams*, Margaret Bellafiore* and Magaly Ponce; Kirsten Forkert; Travis Fuller; Lisa Lunskaya Gordon; Jeff Huckleberry*, Sandy Huckleberry*, Vela Phelan*, Alice Vogler*, Lawrence Johnson* and Lewis Gesner*; Milan Kohout*; Eric Legacy; Jennifer Moses and Lisa Greenfield; Colleen Paz; Stephen Sheffield; Piotr Parda; Cortney Provini and Erica Bell; Joanne Rice* and Mari Novotny-Jones*; Jen Rosselli and Jeff Mission (Beatfix Studios); and Karl Viksnins and Yar Laakso.
(* Mobius Artist Group member)
videoJmari and joanne

– I Remember When There Were Birds. featuring Ben Vigoda on Magneto-Electric Sustain Guitar, AudioPint, and Voice. The AudioPint is a computer music platform under development at the Experimental Musical Instruments Workshop at MIT
– Burnkit2600. experimental nowave using a variety of hi and lo-tech devices.
– Certainly, Sir. electronic indie.
– The Press. a 7-piece authentic neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop group.
– Umimaq. a four person improvisational ensemble.
– Also featuring 85 Alive, Human Shield, and Candle Sound Cave.
the Press
Harpoon Beer, ATS, Trader Joe’s, The Middle East, the Barking Crab, Luckys, Iggy’s, and Berkeley Investments.


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