Mobius International Festival of Performance Art

July 27, 2006

mifpamain1.jpglogofestivalmoboidz.gif International festival of performance art

The festival will take place over 5 nights in early November 2006 in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. Featuring over 20 international participants and the 15 members of the Mobius Artists Group, the festival will expose the Boston community to an established network of performance artists and create a forum for discussion of the work.
Located in the Midway Theater, a dramatic two-story space in the newly renovated Midway Studios Building, the Festival will be smack in the middle of Boston’s newest artist’s community. Also included in the Festival is a symposium with three respondants invited by Mobius; these critics and academics will respond to the works and host a wider discussion between artists and the public.

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  1. Conn, still waiting on that photo of your home workspace you promised at Limerick OpenCoffeeud83dude09 Click

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