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The festival will take place over 5 nights in early November 2006 in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. Featuring over 20 international participants and the 15 members of the Mobius Artists Group, the festival will expose the Boston community to an established network of performance artists and create a forum for discussion of the work.
Located in the Midway Theater, a dramatic two-story space in the newly renovated Midway Studios Building, the Festival will be smack in the middle of Boston’s newest artist’s community. Also included in the Festival is a symposium with three respondants invited by Mobius; these critics and academics will respond to the works and host a wider discussion between artists and the public.

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*Call for Proposals*
September 16-17, 2006
Mobius will present Elapse – a 24-hour show of durational work.
The deadline for submissions is August 1

I am currently seeking proposals for work for Elapse – a 24-hour show of durational work. Elapse will primarily showcase live performance, but works in other time-based media that explore duration in a unique way will also be given serious consideration. Proposed works are expected to be between four and twenty-four hours in length.

To give you an idea of what my vision for the show is, I offer these thoughts on durational work:

Several things come to mind when I think about durational work, all of which are marked by a close relationship to time: process, pace, endurance, and transformation.

Duration often coincides with process; and what unfolds during a process can be many things. Over time, materials can begin to inform the artist about his or her process and ideas can grow in unexpected ways. As well, meticulous tasks or obsessive activities have time to emerge into something physical.

Pace is all about time; sometimes marking out time in rhythms and cycles. Often the pace of time-based art plays against subjective notions of pace in everyday life.

Extended periods of time have unexpected consequences on the artist’s body, mind, and working method. Duration is both an opportunity for the artist to explore an idea intensely and an obligation for him or her to follow through with.
In life and in art, we do not often have occasion to watch another person engaged in activities for extended periods of time.  These occasions are cumbersome gifts that may require weathering the tedium in order to witness something quite remarkable.  I intend for elapse to be an opportunity for artists and audience alike to take part in an experiment in time.

-Dirk Adams (Mobius Artist Group)

Submission requirements:
Please submit the following:
Duration of piece. (between 4 & 24 hours)
Project proposal (no more than 500 words) that includes a description of your piece, space requirements, and technical needs (Mobius can provide minimal tech support).
Relevant supporting materials – drawings, photos, etc.
Documentation or samples of past work – video, slides, digital images.
Artist Bio

Send proposals to:
Mobius, Inc.
381 Congress Street, 2nd floor rear
Boston MA 02210

For questions, email Dirk Adams: mrdirky@yahoo.com
(If you want your materials returned to you, don’t forget to include a SASE )

In developing your proposal, keep these things in mind:
The show will run continuously for 24 hours, beginning on a Saturday afternoon and ending the following Sunday. Keep in mind how the time(s) of day might impact your piece and indicate if there is a specific time that you would like to perform.
All the performances will take place in one large open space (it is the space where Mobius has held Artrages for the past 3+ years).
Photos of space below:

Due to fire regulations, you may not use any open flames nor hang large pieces of fabric or paper unless treated with an approved fire retardant.

The deadline for proposals is August 1

March 30, 2006

—–highlighting: InBetween: CITY HALL PLAZA, May 27

Mobius, Inc. is an artist-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization for experimental work in all media. Founded by members of the Mobius Artists Group in 1983, the total organization is a laboratory for artists experimenting at the boundaries of their disciplines. Presenting new work by dozens of artists each year, Mobius is unequalled in Boston in its commitment to Boston artists and the alternative arts.

The Mobius Artists Group was founded by Marilyn Arsem in 1977. We are known for incorporating a wide range of the visual, performing, and media arts into innovative live performance, video, installation and intermedia works. The members of the group create projects individually, collaboratively with members of the group, as well as with other artists.

From 1983-2003, the group ran an alternative art center at 354 Congress St. in Boston. Founded by members of the Mobius Artists Group in 1983, the art center was a laboratory for artists experimenting at the boundaries of their disciplines. Presenting new work by dozens of artists each year, both members of the Mobius Artists Group as well as guest artists, Mobius was unequalled in Boston in its commitment to Boston artists and the alternative arts. In the summer of 2003 Mobius Artists Group left this long-time home, moved to a space devoted to archives, studio, office, and storage, and began programming work at theaters, galleries, and public sites, throughout the world.

To learn about our projects in 2005-06, click here for what’s ahead, and here for what just past.

Note: nearly all photos on this site were taken by Bob Raymond.

mobius 374 Congress St. #611 Boston MA 02210
tel: 617 542-7416, email: mobius@mobius.org

Mobius, Inc. is funded by: The LEF Foundation; The Boston Cultural Council; Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts; The Oedipus Foundation; and generous private support.

March 28, 2006

our people

Mobius Artists Group
Dirk Adams, Nancy Adams, Marilyn Arsem, Margaret Bellafiore, Lewis Gesner, Jeff Huckleberry, Sandy Huckleberry, Milan Kohout, Larry Johnson, Mari Novotny-Jones, Vela Phelan, Bob Raymond, Joanne Rice, Jed Speare, Alice Vogler, Alisia Waller. (and on leave: David Franklin, David Miller, Cathy Nolan, Tom Plsek)

Nancy Adams, director. Helen Pfann, administrative coordinator.

Board of Directors
Anneka Lenssen, president. Mark Golberg, treasurer. Daniel Thompson, clerk. Susan Cohen, Claire Morton, Ben Lowengard, Nancy Adams.

Advisory Board
Harris Barron, Sarah deBesche, Rochelle Fabb, Hortense Gerardo, Bettina McGimsey, Gina Mullen, Oedipus, Helen Shlien, James Williams, Joseph Wilson.